Enhancing your ability

      The Ability Matters Group is an international group of companies whose principal activity is to supply products and services that enhance the lives of those who require devices to improve their mobility and accessibility.

      The business was started in 1989 and now employs over 700 staff. There are several companies within the group.  Opcare is one of the largest prosthetic and orthotic service providers in the British Isles with over 30 clinics in the UK and Ireland. Ortho Europe is a major European manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic, orthotic and specialist seating products and are leaders in the provision of custom-made solutions.

      Ability Matters have private clinics specialising in the area of rehabilitation and have retail outlets in England and Ireland offering advice in selecting mobility equipment or daily living aids to enhance your ability and improve your independence. The companies within the group also have offices in France and The Netherlands and also distributors across Europe and the rest of the World.

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