Website Accessibility
      We have designed the Ability Matters Group website to be as accessible as possible.Customise the site to fit your needs
      In order to make our website easier to read you can increase the font size by increasing the browser text size.
      On a PC: Hold CTRL and roll forwards on a mouse or pressing the plus sign

      On a Mac: Hold cmd and use the mouse roller to zoom in and out or hold cmd and press the + button.

      The BBC’s website ‘My Web My Way’ offers further help on adjusting text size, screen magnification, colour and contrast.

      My Web My Way – accessibility features of browsers and operating systems

      Standards Compliance
      The website is built using XHTML and CSS, according to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. It is designed in line with recognised best practice, such as the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

      W3C – Web content accessibility guidelines

      Please let us know any problems you may have encountered, you can contact us as follows:

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