Apprentice Orthotic Technicians – Birmingham

      We are looking for 6 Apprentice Orthotic Technicians to join our manufacturing and distribution brand Ortho Europe –  a leading manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic, orthotic and seating products with the primary objective of promoting independence and quality of life by providing robust, innovative and effective devices to thousands of people who need mobility support.

      Job role summary:

      As an Apprentice Orthotic Technician, you will produce bespoke orthotic medical devices clinics utilising manufacturing equipment and hands-on skills.  Part of your training will include working towards a NVQ level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques

      You’ll not only spend 15-18 months in a paid job, but also learn your trade while surrounded by our friendly, passionate and highly experienced team who’ll support you every step of the way.

      What we can offer

      • Progression opportunities after completion of apprenticeship.
      • Training provided
      • NVQ Level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques

      What skills you will need:

      • Good hand/manufacturing/craft skills
      • An eagerness and enthusiasm to learn
      • Ability to effectively operate appropriate IT systems
      • A willingness to undergo training and development

      If you are interested in hearing more about this exciting opportunity please contact

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