Company Values

      Our culture is shaped by our core company values, which drive what we do every day and help ensure that our patients and customers are always at the centre of our thinking. Our values are listed below.

       What do these values mean?

      Putting the patient first

      Putting the patient first allows our patients to thrive and achieve their goals. We understand that each patient is different in terms of their injuries, recoveries, goals and abilities, so we tailor our treatment and products accordingly.

      Developing strong relationships

      Developing strong relationships with all of our stakeholders. We aim to form strong relationships with all of our patients to offer them the best possible treatments, with our partners and suppliers to provide our patients with the highest quality products, as well as with all other businesses and charities that we work with. All of our employees also strive to achieve this value together each and every day.

        Encouraging innovation
        Encouraging innovation throughout the group has enabled us to be the forefront of advancements in the industry and ensured we have been able to adapt to every challenge presented to us over time.

          People Development
          People development refers to our commitment to helping all of our employees to reach their full potential. We believe that this will encourage both our employees and future employees to look at working for Ability Matters as a career and not just a job. By successfully implementing this value, we hope to continue to offer the highest level of products and services long into the future.

            Continuous improvement
            Continuous improvement relates to every area of our business. We believe that each day presents a new opportunity for the business to grow and improve and we actively encourage feedback from our all of employees, patients, partners and stakeholders into how we can continue to improve. We will listen to every piece of feedback we receive and act accordingly, and this approach has meant that we never rest on our laurels and always strive to achieve more.
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